Medical Service
1 Japanese Medical Insurance System
 Japan's public medical insurance    Click here      
 Illness and injury can befall anyone at anytime.Everyone who lives in Japan is required to register with some public health insurance program to lighten the burden of medical costs.
There are two different categories of health insurance systems in Japan. One is Employee Health Insurance (EHI/社会保険Shakai Hoken ) for workers in companies or offices. The other is National Health Insurance (NHI/国民健康保険Kokumin Kenko Hoken ) which applies to those who are not eligible for Employee Health Insurance.
On each visit, you must present your health insurance card at the reception desk of the medical facility. EHI insurance cards are issued individually, and one NHI health insurance card is issued per household. Your card can be used anywhere in Japan even when you are traveling.
 @ Health insurance      
A National health insurance
Enlolment You can apply for NHI at the Insurance Benefit Section (TEL948−6365/948−6367)on the 3rd floor of the Annex Building of the City Office.
You will need your Registration Certificate of Foreign Residence and your personal seal(印鑑 inkan ) or your signature to apply. If you are covered by NHI but move to a different city, you are also required to submit an Income Certificate(所得証明書 shotoku shomeisho) issued by the office of the former city in which you lived and the Insurance Withdrawal Certificate(健康保険の離脱証明書 ridatsu shomeisho ) issued by your former place of work.
This must be done within fourteen days in order to receive uninterrupted coverage. If you are late in applying you will have to pay100% of any medical expenses incurred until the new policy begins.
Premiums Insurance premiums are calculated on an annual basis from April to March of the following year.
The premiums are based on the number of people in the household.

Insurance Benefit Section (TEL948−6365/948−6367)on the 3rd floor of the Annex Building of the City Office.

2 When You Fall Sick
Medical institutions
When you go to see a doctor in a hospital or clinic, take along your health insurance card and sufficient money to cover your fee. Each hospital sets it own outpatient hours, normally weekday mornings, so it is best to check the hours before going. Hospitals and clinics are generally closed on Sundays and National Holidays. Recently,many hospitals are closed on Saturdays but local clinics are often open.
Most hospitals see patients on a first-comefirst served basis. You may have to wait2to3 hours or longer at a large hospital, so for minor illnesses it might be better to go to a neighborhood clinic.
Sudden illness and emergencies are handled by designated emergency hospitals on Sundays,holydays and after hours. The emergency hospital schedule is printed in the monthly English newsletter What's Going On ? or you can call the Fire Department at925−6633( Japanese only ) for a recorded message to find out the location of current emergency hospitals.
 1)Selecting a Hospital     
   Medical institutions    
  When you need medical treatment and want to consult a doctor, you have two choices:
 @a general hospital  Aa small private hospital or clinic near your house.
 General hospitals are usually equipped with the latest facilities, and can administer various medical examinations, but it can take several hours before you are finished.
 Private hospitals or clinics are easily found in your neighborhood. The doctor usually takes more time for consultation. If necessary, your doctor can refer you to a larger hospital. You should choose based on how serious your condition is.
If you are a new arrival to Matsuyama, it will probably be difficult to know where to go or who to call for information. You are advised to consult another foreigner or Japanese friend. If they cannot help, you can contact the Matsuyama International Center (MIC?943−2025)or the Ehime Prefectural International Center (EPIC?948−6688)for advice.
 Medical Departments
 English  Japanese  pronounciation
 1 Internal Medicine  内科  Naika
 2  Surgery  外科  Geka
 3  Obstetrics  産科  Sanka
 4  Gynecology  婦人科  Fujinka
 5  Ophthalmology  眼科  Ganka
 6  Ear, Nose,
and Throat(E.N.T)
 耳鼻咽喉科  Jibi-inkoka
 7  Pediatrics  小児科  Shonika
 8  Orthopedics  整形外科  Seikei-geka
 9  Dermatology  皮膚科  Hifuka
 10  Urology   泌尿器科  Hinyokika
 11  Radiology  放射線科  Hoshasenka
 12  Psychiatry  精神科
 13   Neurology  神経科  Shinkeika
 14  Respiratory  呼吸器科  Kokyukika
 15  Respiratory Surgery  呼吸器外科   Kokyuki-geka
  16  Angio-cardiology  循環器科  Junkankika
 17  Plastic Surgery   形成外科  Keisei-geka
 18   Neurosurgery  脳神経外科   Noshinkei-geka
  19  Cardio-vascular
 心臓血管外科  Shinzokekkan-
 20  Physiotherapy   理学診療科  Rigaku-shinryoka
 21 Physiotherapy   麻酔科  Masuika
 22  Digestive Tract   消化器科   Shokakika
 23 Dentistry    歯科  Shika
 24  Pediatric Surgery  小児外科  Shoni-geka
 25  Rheumatism   リウマチ科  Riumatika
 26  Rehabilitation  リハビリテーション科   Rihabiriteshonka
 27   Oriental Medicine   東洋医学  Toyo-igaku
 English available medical institutions    (Matsuyama area)  
 Oono jyunkanki
Internal medicine,
Digestive Tract
 Kodama Syounika
 Pediatric 松山市桑原4−13−24
4-13-24 Kuwabara  
 Sokame Hifuka
 Dermatology 松山市道後1−6−30 
1-6-30 Dogo
 Takubo Shika
 Dentistry 松山市二番町3−4−17
 Tokunaga Geka
  Surgery 松山市湊町4−7−11 
4-7-11 Minatomachi
 Tokumaru Syonika
 Pediatric 松山市一番町2−6−5 
2-6-5 Ichibancho
 Hisano Naika
 Internal Medicine 松山市此花町8−24 
8-24 Konohanacho
 Haraikawa Naika
 Internal Medicine
松山市祓川 1−2−28
1-2-28 Haraikawa
Hiro Seikei-Geka
 Orthopedics 松山市桑原4−16−11
4-16-11 Kuwabara
 Matsumoto jibi-inkoka
  Ear, Nose,
and Throat(E.N.T)
1-4-48 Kuwabara 
 Iio Syounika・Naika
 Pediatric / Internal Medicine
5-10-15 Sanbancyo 
 Machino Hifuka
 Dermatology 松山市越智町260−2
260-2 Ochicho 
 Emergency Hospital  ⇒ What's Going On? (WGO) = See the page for "EMERGENCY HOSPITAL"
 AMBULANCE  ≪Tel 119≫    
 1 Sudden Illness / Accidents   
 In case of sudden illness you can go to one of the emergency hospitals on duty the days listed in What's Going On?, a free monthly English newsletter issued by the Matsuyama International Center(MIC), or call the Matsuyama Fire Department at 925−6633 to find out which emergency hospitals are currently on duty. Your call will be accepted24hours every day.
 2 After Hours and Holidays     
  Medical clinics open on Sundays, holidays and at night are listed below.

1)Matsuyama Emergency Clinic(松山市急患医療センターMatsuyamashi Kyukan Iryo Senta)
   6−30−1Kayamachi, Matsuyama (Tel922−1199)
   Internal medicine:21:00〜24:00 (except Sundays and January1)
    Pediatrics:21:00〜8:00(except January1) 24:00〜8:00(Sundays)

2)Matsuyama Medical Center for Adult Disease
  (松山成人病センターMatsuyama Seijinnbyo Senta)
  2chome Yanaimachi, Matsuyama (Tel915−7701)
   Only Sundays, National holidays,and January1−3
   Internal medicine:9:00〜21:00 Pediatrics:15:00〜21:00
     ※Accept no patients between:12:00〜13:00, 17:30〜18:30

3)For Eyes
  Call Matsuyama Seijinbyo Senta to find out which eye doctor is on duty. (Tel915−7701)
  Only Sundays and National Holidays

4)Ehime Oral  Hygiene Center (愛媛県口腔保健センターEhime-ken Koku Hoken Senta )
  2chome Yanaimachi, Matsuyama(Tel932−5047)
   Only Sundays and holidays:9:00〜15:00

5)Ehime Critical Care Center(救命救急センターKyumei Kyukyu Senta)
  83Kasugamachi, Matsuyama(Tel947−1111)
 Process of examination     
 Multilingual medical chart    
  Childbarth / Childcare   
 Health Care for Mothers and Children
 @Notification of Pregnancy and Receiving a Maternal and Child Health Handbook (Tel 911−1818)
Expectant mothers may obtain a Maternal and Child Health Handbook at the Public Health Office or at section No.13of the Community Service Division on the1st floor of the City Office by filling out a Notification of Pregnancy Form.
The Handbook is used to record the progress of the pregnancy, the medical condition of the baby after birth, and vaccination information.
This so called "Mama and Papa Set" will be given to you when you fill out a Notification of Pregnancy Form. It contains useful advice for pregnant mother and a notice from the City Office.
It also contains coupons to be used for free general health checkups detailed below for the mother during pregnancy.
 AGeneral Health Checkups for Pregnant Women(Tel911−1813)
Expectant mothers may have two medical examinations (at the first and latter halves of the pregnancy) at a clinic or a hospital.
Use thecoupons included with "The Maternal and Child Health Handbook".
Complete a Notification of Birth Form 
 Family Registration (Birth Registration)
Register your baby at one of the sections No.1〜12of the Community Service Division on the
1st floor of the Municipal Office within 14 days of birth.
You must submit a birth certificate signed by an obstetrician or midwife. You will need to show the Maternal and Child Handbook,as well.
Register your baby at the embassy or consulate of your mother country in Japan, as well, and have a passport issued for the baby.
You must also apply to the Immigration Bureau for permission for the child to reside in Japan.

 Services Provided by PublicHealth Office/Center
 Public Health Offices are facilities concerned with preventing illness and promoting good health.
Like hospitals and clinics, they offer various health services for free or at a low cost.
These services include pre−natal health checkups, immunization for both children and adults, general
health checkups for adults and various cancer examinations. These services are also available to foreigners who live in Matsuyama and have a Foreign Resident Registration Card.
In Matsuyama City there are two public health offices,

Matsuyama Municipal Public Health Office/Center
(6−30−5Kayamachi, Matsuyama -shi Tel911−1800)
 Ehime Prefectural Central Public Health Office of Matsuyama
(132 kitamochida-cho Tel941−1111)
 ※Please note that all information and services given by the public health offices are in Japanese. If you do not speak Japanese, ask someone who understands both the language you speak and Japanese to accompany you.
The Matsuyama Municipal Public Health Office/Center offers the following services from Monday through Friday.
Medical Checkups
(Tel 911−1819)
Health Counseling Services
(Tel 911−1817/1818)
 Health Care for Mothers and Children Immunization Schedule for Children/
(Tel 911−1853) 
 HIV Testing Services
(Tel 911−1815)
Issuing of Medical Certificates
       (TEL 911−1857)

 In Japan, it is sometimes necessary for you to submit a medical certificate issued by a Public Health Office when entering school or getting a job. For these purpose, the Public Health Office offers General Health Checkups on Tuesdays. A reservation is required. The fee depends on the number of the examination items, but is approximately¥2,500〜¥5,000.A general medical examination alone ( including blood test ,electrocardiogram, X−ray, and internal medical checkups) costs 2,500 yen. A form in both Japanese and English is available.
Hours : Every Tuesday9:00〜10:30

Other (愛媛県総合保健協会)
  医 療
 1 日本の医療保険制度
 日本の公的医療保険 ⇒ こちらへ      
 @ 健康保険
 A 国民健康保険
申し込み  手続きは、松山市役所別館3階3番窓口・国保・年金課(рX48−6365/948−6367)で行います。
 保険料  保険料は、4月から翌年3月までの1年を単位として、家族の人数や市、県民税をもとに計算されます。
松山市役所 別館3階
 2 病気になったとき
突然、緊急の場合は日曜、時間外でも救急指定病院があります。救急病院計画が毎月"What's Going On ? "に出ています。又消防局(925−6633)に電話すれば、担当の救急病院を知ることが出来ます。
 救急車 ≪電話  119 ≫
 1 急病/事故
 急病の場合には、"What's Going On?"というMICの出している無料の英語の月間情報誌に載っているその日の当番の救急病院に行って下さい。
 2 夜間/休日に病気になったとき
萱町6丁目30−1 рX22−1199
柳井町2丁目 рX15−7701
柳井町2丁目 рX32−5047
春日町83 рX47−1111
 出 産 / 育 児
 @妊娠届けと母子健康手帳の交付 (рX11−1818)
 保健所 / 保健センターの業務

(松山市萱町6−30−5 рX11−1800)

(松山市北持田町132松山地方局内 рX41−1111)


 乳幼児健診 予防接種

 愛媛県総合保健協会 でも受診できます