Exchange Support on Community 2012

From April 2012 乗

Takigi Noh at Ninomaru park丂(9 May 2012)
(Matsuyama Culture Association)

Yukata dressing (8 Jun 2012)
(Matsuyama Sinonome College, Chakusou Club)

Playing Soccer with Ehime FC Members丂(15 June 2012)
(Professional Soccer Team "Ehime FC")

Yukata dressing (6 Jul 2012)
(Matsuyama Sinonome College, Chakusou Club)

Exchange with Elderly adult at Day care House "Iroha"丂(22 Aug 2012)
(Day care house "Iroha")

Mitsuhama Chin-Odori丂(25 Aug 2012)
(Mitsuhama Creaters)

Gintengai Mikoshi Parade丂(6 Oct 2012)
(Gintengai Daiichi Shoutengai Shinkou Kumiai)

Exbition of Daily Life 2012丂(20-21 Oct 2012)
(City of Matsuyama, Exbiton of Daily Life 2012 Council)

Yukata dressing (5 Dec 2012)
(Matsuyama Sinonome College, Chakusou Club)

Yukata dressing (12 Dec 2012)
(Matsuyama Sinonome College, Chakusou Club)

All reports are written in Japanese, sorry.

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