About the major organization accepting "Donations and Fund-raising"
that support the people of Turkey and Syria

A large earthquake struck southeastern Turkey, causing serious damage in Turkey and Syria.
There is a growing movement by many organization or groups to support relief activities for victims
If you think "I also want to do something" for them, please refer to the following information.

¦Please search directly on the internet about other organizations that are not linked. Sorry for the inconvenience.

@@‘Matsuyama city      
@@2023 Turkey and Syria Earthquake Relief Fund@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@
@@‘Japan for UNHCR   @‘World Medical Team  
@@Turkey and Syria Earthquake Emergency Assistance (No link) @@Turkey and Syria Earthquake Emergency Assistance (No link)
@@‘WFP (World Food Program)   @‘Peace Boat Disaster Relief Center
@@@Natural disaster emergency fund-raising (No link)@@@@@@@@@Turkey Earthquake Emergency Assistance (No link)
@@‘Japan Committee for UNICEF   @‘Care International Japan  
@@ Natural disaster emergency fund-raising @@@@@@@@@@@@@Turkey and Syria earthquake victims emergency assistance
@@@(No link)@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ fund-raising (No link)
@@‘Doctors Without Borders   @‘World@Vision@Japan  
@ @Fundraising for Emergency Team (No link)@@@@@@@@@@ @@ Turkey and Syria Large Earthquake Emergency Relief Donation
@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ (No link)
@@‘Embassy of Turkey
  @‘International NGO ADRA Japan
@@ Turkey Emergency Assistance (No link)@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@Turkey and Syria Earthquake Humanitarian Assistance (No link)

@@‘Association for Aid and Refugees

  @‘Good Neighbors Japan  
@ @Turkey Earthquake Emergency Assistance (No link)@@@@@@ @ Turkey earthquake emergency assistance fund-raising (No link)
@@‘Peace Winds Japan   @‘PARCIC  
@ @Turkey Earthquake Emergency Assistance (No link)@@@@@@@@Turkey and Syria Earthquake Emergency Assistance (No link)
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