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The Matsuyama International Center (MIC) is a communal institution that fosters intercultural cooperation and exchange and promotes the integration of non-natives in the city of Matsuyama.

The MIC offers a great variety of services such as language and culture classes, lectures, daily life counselling, a home stay programme, volunteer guides and recycled bikes and household goods.

There are also many special events all throughout the year such as the World Festival or the Yakyu Samba Dance for the Summer Festival.
The World Festival is held every year to improve the mutual understanding of each others culture and to get to know more about other countries - objectives which are of special importance to our work.
Participants and visitors also enjoy entertainments like the "World games", the "World Wedding Show" or the "World Gourmet Tour".

MIC invites everyone to join our activities!! They're a lot of fun and you will broaden your horizon and enjoy many new experiences and get to know new and interesting people.

MIC also offers information on various topics concerning international exchange and especially on the two sister-cities of Matsuyama:
Sacramento (USA, California) and Freiburg (Germany, Baden-Wurttemberg).
MIC supports the sister-city exchange and communication and attends the guests and delegations visiting Matsuyama.

You will find MIC on the first floor of the Matsuyama Gender Equality Center (Coms).
(For map and address see the follows)

There is also a reading and reference area on the 2nd floor where periodicals and books from all over the world can be found.

★Bulletin Board for International Exchanges(COMS1F, 2F)
You can post/get information about intercultural exchange events, recruitment information for language exchages and other messages on the bulletin board.

★International Information Area(COMS 2F)
You can read English paper or magazine.

★MIC Library(COMS 2F)
There are many books about international exchange! You can borrow them.


Matsuyama International Center (MIC)
COMS 1F, 4-20 Sanbancho 6chome, Matsuyama, 790-0003 JAPAN
Opening hours: 9:00am - 5:30pm, Tu-Sun
*Opened if Mon. is a National holiday. It is closed on the following weekday.

You find "MIC" on the following map.

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